Portable Appliance Testing

PreventaPest Limited are now able to undertake the PAT Testing of portable appliances under the trading name PreventaShock with all technicians being trained, based on the IEE code of Practice, for the In-service Inspection Testing of Electrical Appliance.

All appliances will undergo an in-depth visual inspection. Fuse amp rating will be checked and if found to be incorrect the fuse will be replaced free of charge. If a plug is found unserviceable the whole plug will be changed, again, free of charge.


  • Earth Continuity Test / Bond Test.
  • Insulation Test.

And if appropriate:

  • A Current Leakage Test.
  • A Current Load Test.

Why Use PreventaShock To PAT Test?

  • Health & Safety
  • Comply with certain acts of law:
    - The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
    - The Provision and use of Work Equipment 1998
    - The Management of Health & Safety 1999
  • Blame Culture: We need to protect ourselves from the increasing blame culture and prove we take our H&S responsibilities seriously.

Please Contact Us to book your PAT Testing.